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Rick & Theresa Del Olmo

EXCELLENT EXCELLENT EXCELLENT Can't say enough about John - he was excellent from our very first conversation till the day of the wedding - we never had a worry and everything went smooth as smooth could be even. Ė EXCELLENT

11/6/2014 1:03PM

Jeremy & Eimile Gaffney

AMAZING! A very class act duo. They have great personalities, play up-to-date music, and match the song selection to our request. We heard great things from our guest following the wedding! John was extremely helpful during the planning-the consult prior to the wedding would calm any brideís nerves! Both DJís made sure the night went off without a hitch! Absolutely worth the money.

10/27/2014 09:42PM

Casey and Ian Weber

Hello, just wanted to say thank you!!! You guys helped our special day become a reality !! Very professional. We had our wedding at the Sirata August 16, 2014, and we had Brian for our DJ. He was fantastic!!! He kept everyone on their feet and enjoying very minute throughout the whole reception. He is a professional!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

10/14/2014 01:36PM

Kate & Dan Ruszkowski

I had been to a couple weddings that DJ by CJ had deejayed and I had an absolute blast, so I knew I wanted to hire them for my own wedding. When we met with John he had some terrific ideas based on his knowledge and not only was he friendly and upbeat, but his enthusiasm to get to know us & make our night about us, was amazing. After stressing about planning the wedding, it was so nice to be able to actually relax, have fun, and enjoy our first night as husband & wife. John had everything running smoothly (coordinating with our reception hall as well) and I did not have to worry about a thing. The ceremony & reception were PERFECT and most importantly, so much fun! I would recommend DJ by CJ for ANY event! They were fantastic!!

09/4/2014 9:50PM

Ben & Maria Peters

We absolutely LOVED our DJ! He was so awesome in the planning process and helped us pick out songs where we were stuck and kept to our style of music which had us and our guest dancing once the dance floor was open! Our DJ was so nice and so energetic the entire night which helped make the wedding that much more memorable. He was able to include a slideshow I made for the wedding which I really loved. Especially having heard there had been some technical issues at which in one point, he wasn't sure it could be played. BUT, he was able to fix it and play it for our guests which everyone loved!

Brian Black went beyond to make our day special and unique to us which I am so grateful for. I definitely recommend DJ by CJ and definitely Brian :)


08/20/2014 11:21PM

Erin & Ryan Crenna

John is hands down the absolute best! Planning a wedding in 7 months was no easy feat; however John made everything as simple as possible. He is incredibly fun, thoughtful and extremely helpful. No matter what stage of planning we were in he offered to help, gave us ideas, and at the end of the day our wedding was absolutely perfect. We couldn't have asked for a more organized, fun and hilarious night. John not only was our DJ but also provided the up lighting which truly pulled the whole venue together and made the night look magical. We can't imagine having anyone else, and are so happy we were blessed with the best. Thank you John for sharing your skills and making our night perfect!

05/26/2014 11:23PM

Nicholas & Cassandra Acevedo

John was the best DJ anyone could ever have for any event. He really doesn't let any dull moment occur and really gets your guests engaged in the reception. He is an amazing person and really makes it a point to follow through with any requests you make. When we had an issue occur, John took control and fixed the situation with ease. The uplighting is definitely a must! We are definitely recommending to all of our friends. Thanks again John for making our wedding GREAT!

05/25/2014 10:53PM

Tiffany & Christopher

Words cannot express how much my husband and I appreciate John. From the first phone call I couldn't wait to meet him and at our first meeting I knew we were in great hands!! With all the craziness of our wedding day, John was one of the only vendors looking out for us and our wedding. John was more than just a DJ for us, anyone can play music, but John made sure our guests had a great night and it was an awesome party, considering everything that went wrong with the rest of our event and our guest didn't notice because John kept them entertained. We are beyond thankful for John and will continue to recommend him again and again!!

05/24/2014 11:53PM

Brooke and Matthew Angell

Our reception would not have been the same without Brian! We were receiving compliments on him all night and we still are! We were nervous about how the reception would flow, but he made sure that every aspect was perfect. He made our reception fit the style of our wedding and the night was an absolute blast! We wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to someone! Thank you for giving us such am amazing night!

05/22/2014 11:53PM

Lyndsie Dickinson

My wedding would not have been the same without John! He helped us every step of the way and created a true show out of our wedding. I have received so many compliments on our DJ and we could not have been happier with our decision. He kept the party going all night long and was flexible to include any and every detail we wanted. Also, if you have NO idea what you want, which was our problem, he has a talent for grasping your vision even when you don't! I would highly recommend DJ by CJ to any bride to be!

04/22/2014 11:53PM

Jordan Rivers

Brian and his fiancé did an amazing job. They were 100% professional and were a huge part in making a wedding night such a huge success. We knew from the beginning that we did not want to do a traditional first dance and Brian was completely on board. During our pre-wedding meeting he had great music suggestions and helped us form must play and do not play lists. My husband's family is from Panama and we wanted to make sure we mixed in some Latino music in our reception. Brian did an awesome job, everyone was on the dance floor including my husband's grandfather! We had an amazing time and have heard nothing but great things about the music at our wedding! I would highly recommend Brian (and DJ by CJ)!!

04/14/2014 12:53PM

Laura Gwin

Thank god for Dalton!!!! He was a saver!! Let me start by saying he was great when giving suggestions to make things smooth and fun at our pre wedding meeting, also getting and keeping people on the dance floor. My venues coordinator went MIA and he realy took complete control. He was an amazing DJ and did the majority of the coordinating. I will forever suggest and rave about his work and use him again in the future for other events. Thank you, thank you Dalton. I really owe you. I can honestly say if you weren't there it would have became a disaster.

03/24/2014 12:53PM

Travis & Allison

John & his team have perfected the art of entertaining & are extremely professional.The standard they work by is nothing short of perfection--Thank you John & Dalton for doing such an amazing job at our wedding, you put my mind at ease knowing it would be impossible for people not to have a good time!

03/24/2014 12:51PM


John is the man!! He made plenty of time to meet with us ahead of time and anticipate every detail...And here's the thing, he has the RARE ability to plan for each moment in advance, while still keeping it fun and energetic; going over what will happen at the wedding with him is a blast (unlike the way it is with your wedding planners, etc. who stress you out--you guys know what I'm talking about.) Then, once the event starts, John keeps to his word and everything runs perfectly. (He's so on the ball that he even played little 2-second-snippets of songs that enhanced and flowed flawlessly with the best man's speech!) Bottom line: DJ by CJ is a MUST SELECT for your wedding!!!

03/06/2014 5:49PM

Brielle Auclair

DJ by CJ, John did an amazing job at our wedding!!! :) Everyone that went said they had the best time, if not the best wedding they had ever been to! They kept the energy high, our guests were entertained, and he makes sure that at the end of the night WE had a great time. My husband and I had a blast at our wedding! Thank you DJ by CJ! I would highly recommend them to anyone planning their wedding or any other celebration!

01/27/2014 10:36AM

Jennifer McKinley

My wedding was November 9th in St Pete, I used this company and worked with Brian. Honestly they really made all the difference! From the start John was super helpful with explaining my options, and helping me reserve my up-lighting. Then Brian really listened to what my fiancé and I wanted, so much so that he played every song Tim had requested to hear. The amazing part is he did a seamless job going from event to event. This company is personable and reliable and truly put my mind at ease for our special day. Thank you so much John and Brian you helped bring my vision to life!

12/01/2013 10:05PM

Ryan Gerena

When you go with John you get more than just a DJ. He coordinated our entire wedding and is able to adjust on the fly and keep the party going without hesitation. He really made our day special in a lot of ways. I would recommend him to anyone.

11/17/2013 9:44AM

Michael Phillips

Dalton performed our entire wedding service at the Post Card Inn Oct. 25th 2013. He showed up early for the rehearsal and the wedding. He was very thorough and professional on all levels. I would highly recommend Dalton for any future bookings.

11/6/2013 6:17PM

Dani Gulick

John was wonderful both before and during our wedding - he took the time to go through not only our song choices, but various aspects of the reception I hadn't even considered - and he was a great MC! On top of that, I got multiple compliments on the personalized music throughout the ceremony. It was a perfect night.

10/29/2013 7:34PM

Stephany Jacobsen

Thank you so much Dalton and John you made the day amazing and everybody had so much fun!! Wouldnt have been the same without you guys!!!!!! :)

10/28/2013 7:15PM

Sarah Ensley

Thank you John for an amazing ceremony and reception. Not only was the event a great time, but the pre-planning session you did with us put everyone at ease and helped us work through so many details we never would have thought of. You provided so much more than great dance music. From the ceremony to the cocktail hour to the reception, you wowed us!

10/28/2013 5:50PM

Serena Moody

I had been to a wedding the previous year that John was hired for and I am telling you, he had the people out of their seats the entire night. As soon as I began planning for my own wedding I made sure to contact John right away to ensure we would be able to book him for our own. John doesn't only play music for the crowd, he tailors the event to your style and the type of people that are there. He took three hours to sit down with us weeks before the wedding and I couldn't have been more prepared for the night. There weren't any surprises. John wasn't just a DJ at my wedding, he was the entertainment, our host, the wedding's personality. I would hire him over and over again. Thank you John for helping to pull together the greatest memory for both myself and family.

10/28/2013 7:00AM


DJ Brian Black was an amazing DJ he had all of guest partying all night. He played a great selection for our type of wedding and we could not have asked for a better night! DJ by CJ also did my cousins wedding and sold me within an hour.

10/25/2013 8:15AM

Adrian Taylor-Perez

Brain Black was AWESOME!!!!! My wedding was so perfect because of him. Everything went smooth and on time he made my day Perfect! Everyone at my wedding was dancing thanks to Brian no one wanted it to end especially me. He played all the music that we talked about and a little bit of everything else that people wanted to hear. The DJ is a MAJOR part of a wedding and I am so luck to have had DJ by CJ apart of mine. Thanks a million Brian for making my day WONDERFUL.

10/19/2013 2:37PM

Pete Fournier

I used DJ by CJ (specifically Brian Black) to DJ at my wife's 40th birthday party at my house. First, Brian is an energetic and fun person and that energy and fun showed through during the event. I was very impressed overall with the DJ by CJ equipment. To me, music is the most important aspect of a party. So, it has to be good, loud, and clear (not distorted). Brian made sure that the music was flawless. He also coordintated the music with his light show and television equipment to have a visual effect with the music. Really cool. Lastly, my brother and I performed a skit that required musical accompaniment to make the skit a success. Brian made sure that our skit ran without a hitch.

Before the party started, I had many guests tell me that they planned on stopping at my house for five to ten minutes to wish my wife a happy birthday and then leave. Every single guest that arrived not only stayed all night but told me that the DJ was the hit of the party. I was very happy with the team and I highly recommend DJ by CJ and plan to use DJ by CJ in future events. My wife won't ever forget this birthday!

9/11/2013 8:30AM


DJ by CJ was great. John was very professional, and definitely an expert in his field. He kept everything organized to where we didn't even need a day of coordinator because him and my venue team (the Regent) had everything under control. I would highly recommend him.

9/10/2013 3:19PM

Renee DelMontier

John was more than a DJ. He met with us multiple times before our wedding to help us set up a schedule for our wedding day, and to help us select all of the songs we needed. He had a great variety of songs for the ceremony music so it made it very easy for us to choose something beautiful without having to search for it on our own. John helped give us ideas to make our wedding day special like creating Power Points full of pictures to show during our reception. John was very professional, yet fun. He and his team made our wedding day run so smoothly. They kept everything on track and made sure nothing was forgotten. He did a great job of getting the crowd's attention and making things fun. He was truly a master of ceremonies, not just a DJ. We would recommend him to anyone looking for a DJ!! We could not have pick anyone better!!! We were so happy with him. :)

8/11/2013 9:15AM

Debbie Sansing

I hired John for my daughter's wedding at the Florida Aquarium and he was FANTASTIC!!! Planning a wedding from across the country is quite a challenge. Having John on our planning team was such a blessing - he was confident, encouraging, supportive and patient. He is extremely talented and easy to work with. My daughter's wedding was fabulous in every way and I really believe I have John to thank for that. He knew how to "work" the crowd; he had tricks up his sleeve and everyone had a great time. It's been just one month since our families big day and I've already recommended John to 2 other families. John's the best DJ there is and I'm speaking from experience - this is the 3rd wedding that I've "sponsored" :) GO JOHN!!

8/11/2013 6:00PM

Austin and Brittany Wade

Our experience with John was phenomenal. Brittany and I talked at length before our meeting with John, trying to decide what music we wanted played. Our meeting with John put both of us at ease immediately. He obviously knew what he was doing, and was excellent at walking us through how the whole event would go. The night of the event he again walked us through every step as it took place. It was plain to see he had done enough of these events to know exactly how to make it all roll smoothly. We had an odd mix of people at the wedding, and he did an excellent job getting everyone on the floor at one point or another, playing just about every genre imaginable, and really mixing it up to perfection. My beautiful bride and I had an excellent time dancing with our friends and family, and of course each other. The music played was a big deal to both of us, and neither of us would hesitate for a moment to go with John again if given the opportunity to do it again.

Thanks John for really helping us personalize the event, and keeping the party going until it was time to close the doors.

7/16/2013 5:35PM

Justin Domsha and Krystal Domsha

How can I even begin to say how amazing of a job John and his other DJ Noriel did. I would highly recommend his services to any one. The DJ set up is awesome. From start to finsh the music layout was perfect. Never a silent moment. John helped us pick out a lot of the music and had a lot of choices to work with. He knew exactly how to put together several different songs parts to make one song flow to us walking down the isle. He helped me pick the most amazing song for my dad. It made me melt. I had strong feelings about making sure everyone could hear our wedding when we did our I do's and it was a success with his great speakers. He had the crowd dancing all night and they made the wedding special for us and to our style. It was like they were just playing any old music for any wedding. They both did such a great job. Very high energy and they were funny and they know how to have a real party. I can't thank them enough. It was beyond amazing and my guest all would highly agree with all my thoughts. They loved the lights and the color changes and all the music videos and other light effects. They made my wedding complete and again did an amazing job! Thanks so very much.

6/22/2013 9:06PM

Ryan and Dayna Sheppard

When Dayna and I were looking for a DJ all I could think of what an amazing job John and his assistant did for my sisters wedding. I would not have had any other DJ work at my wedding. John did more than we ever expected from making sure our ceremony ran smoothly and the reception being a blast! Everyone still tells us about the amazing job and the awesome uplighting he offers. I could not have thanked him enough that night for making our wedding wonderful!

6/3/2013 1:50PM

Angela Brown

Brian was able to convert a tape cassette into a cd for me. Thank you so much, it meant a lot. I would strongly recommend this company for any of your parties.

6/2/2013 6:25PM

Jeff and Mandy Brooks

When deciding on a DJ for our wedding, DJ by CJ was an obvious choice. We already knew how great John was from several sweet sixteen parties within the family. At each one, the music catered uniquely to the client’s personality, while still keeping the atmosphere fun and appropriate for all age groups. The same is certainly true for our wedding—John and his assistant Noriel were even better than we expected. The dance floor was full all night! What we most appreciated, though, was the flawless way that DJ by CJ coordinated the events of our reception. We always knew exactly what was coming next, and we felt like the whole event was really tailored to suit us. We are so glad that we chose DJ by CJ for our wedding, and we would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much!

6/2/2013 5:02PM

Nathan and Heather Wharton

The service we received from DJ by CJ was out of this world! John and his partner are simply amazing!! We really felt as if we hired both a DJ and wedding coordinator. Our wedding would not have run as smoothly if it was not for our DJ. Our guests are still talking about how great of a job they did and have had several friends ask for their information. We cannot thank you enough for everything you did for us on our wedding day!!

5/13/2013 7:40AM

Matthew & Katrina Knight

When looking for a DJ for our wedding in April we wanted a DJ who had a lot of experience, who played good upbeat music, and was able to keep the reception alive and going at all times. With DJ by CJ we found all of that and more. John made sure that our wedding day ran smoothly. You almost don't even need to hire a day of coordinator because he knows everything you want from start to finish. John also made sure to keep the music fun and exciting for all age groups. He was by far one of the best DJ's we have seen at a wedding and we are not saying that because it was our wedding. People liked him so much that 2 other couples are using him for their upcoming weddings as well. I would highly recommend DJ by CJ for any event.

5/6/2013 10:05AM

Julia & Christian Hanley

A friend recommended DJ by CJ after attending a wedding where John was the DJ. At first we didn't think picking a DJ was that big of a deal, but after the wedding it was pretty clear that having someone who knows what he's doing makes a big difference!

Brian was our DJ and he did a fantastic job. He met with us a few weeks before the wedding to find out what music we liked and what we wanted at our reception. During the reception, he wasn't just playing music - he was more of an MC and kept things moving throughout the night. He worked with our wedding planner to coordinate everything from the first dance to the cake cutting to our departure. Brian did not miss a single detail! We are so glad we had him at our wedding, and many of our guests told us this was the most fun reception they’ve been to. Thanks for making it such a great night, Brian!

4/10/2013 3:10PM

Mahir and Caitlin

Brian, all I can say is you are amazing!! From the moment we walked into the ceremony to the last song of the night we were all smiles. Brian took our vision of our perfect night and made everything crystal clear and stress-free. The communication was wonderful all the way through the night before when we thought of last minute requests. Our guests are still talking about what a great party it was. The dance floor was never empty! It was a an amazing evening and I could not have asked for more. Thank you for making our wedding so memorable!

4/4/2013 1:10PM

Brian and Christine Peters

John, thank you guys so much for everything! The ceremony was perfect with all the prepared music and our dance floor was full the entire evening at the reception!! Great sound and great presentation!! Thank you for taking the time to meet with us to listen to our requests and at the same time make really great and helpful suggestions for the things we weren't sure about. Everything ran so smoothly and we could put complete trust in you for everything to go as we had planned. Thank you for keeping everything super up beat and fun! We had an absolutely amazing time!!

3/8/2013 1:10PM

Brian & Beth McIntyre

John was recommended to us by a friend. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the wedding and reception format. He had worked at our venue numerous times and had a fantastic working relationship with our wedding coordinator. He worked very hard to create special moments throughout the night and our wedding wouldn't have been the same without him. I would recommend his services to any bride looking for a great DJ!

3/5/2013 8:20PM

Chris and Erin

John was AMAZING at our wedding! We had multiple guests come up to us through out the night complimenting on how great he was. He kept the mood perfectly in sync with what was happening. When it came time for everyone to cut loose and get the party started, John made it happen. Our night would not have been the same with out him. Thank you so much!

2/3/2013 2:09PM

Mackenzie Skole Morris

Brian made our wedding so much fun!!! He really created what we had envisioned for our big day. I would recommend him to everyone!!!

1/25/2013 9:43PM

Juanita and Ed

This DJ is AWESOME!!!!! Brian made our daughter's Quinceanera so special. This team is amazing! Brian is really an expert at his craft. The time that this team takes to make sure everything is right is appreciated. This is definitely someone I will hire again and again for any event that I have. Thanks Brian!

1/23/2013 8:30AM

Kyle and Christine Langes

Kyle and I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! Our reception was amazing thanks to you!! Everything ran so smoothly and we didn't have to worry about anything! You kept everyone up dancing, including our grandmas, all night! So many of our guests said how much fun they had and how awesome our DJ was. :) Our guests said they never danced so much at a wedding before and they couldn't believe how full the dance floor was all night. We cannot thank you enough for everything! We had an amazing time dancing the night away! You are the best!

12/4/2012 5:23PM

Jesse & Laura Liebau

Our wedding was amazing, and im not sure if it would have been as great if it wasn't for john! he kept the party moving, we stayed on schedule and i had no worries what so ever! I have to say not only was that night special but we had met before a couple times to go over everything. He helped us pick songs that we just had no clue what we wanted, was so prepared with ceremony music and just took the time to make sure our day was perfect. Everyone was complementing the music and john, we would definitely recommend DJ by CJ for any event! Thank you so much for making our night so memorable! asked for and more! You guys are awesome and we will be seeing you soon!

11/19/2012 9:47PM

Josh and Brittany Royse

John and Noriel just recently did our wedding on October 13, 2012 and I would highly recommend them because they were absolutely AMAZING! When I first booked them over a year ago I was very satisfied with what they had to offer for us on our big day. As a bride I felt relieved knowing I had booked a company that provided me two individuals that were very professional and did everything they could to make sure my day was special.

John stayed in contact with me throughout the year to go over everything that I would need to be prepared for for our final meeting before the wedding. During our final sit down with him I felt more excited for the wedding because he painted a perfect picture in my head of what my day would look like with his awesome music and his way of coordinating everything. My wedding turned out even better then what I imagined!

The day of the wedding they were there to set up hours in advance to make sure everything would be just right for us. Their personalities and way of interacting with our guests made everyone's night enjoyable. All of our family and friends LOVED their services because they were all on the dance floor all night long!

Thank you again John and Noriel! Josh and I couldnt't be anymore appreciative for all the things you did for us because it was everything we could of asked for and more! You guys are awesome and we will be seeing you soon!

11/19/2012 7:21PM

EJ and Hannah Benton

Best DJ around!! If you are searching for a DJ and considering John and the DJ by CJ crew... search no further! They keep the party going and you can be sure your guest will dance all night! Thank you John for helping to make our wedding a blast! He even played my brother's band, Bird Street Players song at the end of the evening! Of course everyone loved that touch!! John is also wonderful at keeping the wedding moving along smoothly... I will recommend DJ by CJ to anyone looking for a reliable, talented DJ! Thank you again!!!! A++++ service, worth every penny!

11/19/2012 12:56PM

Adam and Ashley Daniels

Thank you to Brian Black for the incredible job he did at our wedding and reception! I found out about DJ by CJ after John DJ-ed two different receptions for two of my friends. When I contacted DJ by CJ about my wedding John was so helpful. He answered questions and explained how his company handles their events. He also explained what should be expected from anyone DJ-ing an event, telling me he wanted to be sure we got good service even if we went somewhere else. That let me know he cared more about us getting the best out there than if we went with his company. Well, I think these guys ARE the BEST!

Brian did an excellent job of "getting us". We met with him before the day of and went over the type of music we like, what we wanted to hear, the age ranges of our guest and all other questions we had. He made us feel very comfortable with working with him.

Because of Brian, our wedding ceremony was accompanied beautifully and our reception was a BLAST! He did a great job MC-ing and all of our guests had a great time, most going out of their way to tell us how much fun they had. The end of the night came way too soon. Thanks to Brian our wedding day was even more fun and memorable than we could have imagined!

11/7/2012 12:55PM

Keith & Amy Ogden

John did an amazing job for both our ceremony and reception. Our guests kept complimenting us on how great he was. He worked with us on the music selection for the ceremony and it came out fantastic. John truly assisted us in making our wedding an amazing event.

10/27/2012 7:35PM

Stephen Illingworth

Where should I begin!? From the first time we contacted John with some questions, through out the wedding, and even post wedding, he has been incredible to work with! He met with us time and time again to ensure that no detail was left untouched and that our wedding reception was everything that we dreamt it would be. With John as our DJ we knew that we could trust the details with him and wouldn't have to worry about a thing. John went above and beyond and we would highly recommend him to any future Bride and Groom! With John you can rest assured knowing that your wedding reception will run smoothly and that every guest young or old will have a fun evening. Thanks John for all of your hard work we enjoyed working with you and couldn't have been more satisfied with your work.

9/25/2012 11:31AM

Michael & Doreen McBurney

Very Professional! We called on short notice, John was already booked but he provided us with Brian Black. We were so impressed. Brian took the time to meet with us and find out what kind of music and what age groups we would have at our wedding. We are youth leaders at our church so we had alot of 14 - 18 yr olds mixed in with family and friends aged 2 to 70. We just told Brian that the music should be fun for the teens but appropriate. He was awesome! He managed to keep everyone happy. We had some last minute changes and Brian adapted without hesitation, he even provided us with ideas. He was very professional. We were very impressed with all of his equipment and lighting. Thank you Brian for making our wedding so much fun and memorable.

9/24/2012 9:46AM

Nick and Abby Parolini

We were so impressed with Brian from DJ by CJ. He was so professional, fun, and kept the flow going smoothly throughout the whole night. We had specific music we wanted and he made sure to do exactly what we asked! He even made sure to play songs that he didn't originally have, but he got them just for us. We couldn't have been any happier with him!!!!

9/16/2012 9:27PM

Bryan and Lexi Unruh

My wife and I can't say enough about Brian Black from DJ by CJ. He was absolutely amazing!!! From the moment that we contacted him, he was all about us and what we wanted. He gave us direction and let us make decisions on what we wanted and even when we didn't have a decision made he gave us options and when we didn't know, he took over and played great music that kept us coming back to the dance floor. He also even edited a few songs for us so that we could have just the clips that we wanted. DJ by CJ is very affordable and they are worth every penny!!! We just can't say enough about Brian and the whole package that he gave us. THANK YOU SO MUCH AND WE APPRECIATE EVERYTHING YOU DID FOR US!!! -Bryan and Lexi Unruh

8/9/2012 6:38PM

Brandi and Trent Hammon

One of the most important decisions before our wedding was to make sure we had a great DJ. After contacting our top three choices our decision was made instantly! John (DJ by CJ) contacted me the same day I submitted my interest and was very informative and helpful when going through the process. He made sure to make the wedding the best it could possibly be. Not only does he play amazing music but he organized the flow of the entire night, he had amazing uplighting that topped off the night, and he was very interactive the entire night. He played the songs that we requested and even added some other great songs throughout the night. He was very professional and made sure that everything was perfect! I don't think the dance floor was EVER empty the entire night! Everyone came up to us during/after the wedding saying how amazing the music was. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for a DJ for your wedding! We definitely had the time of our life on the dance floor!

8/22/2012 6:09PM

Dana and Michael Garrett

We couldn't have asked for a better DJ! From start to finish he was extremely helpful and had tons of great ideas. He listened to us and got an idea of our likes and dislikes and really was spot on with everything. Our guests had a great time and told us how much they liked John as well! I would use him again in a heart beat. The most stressful part of planning the wedding for us was picking the right DJ and the minute I spoke to him I knew he was the one. John was so personable and the fact the he told us he would laid out the whole event to make sure it ran smoothly was icing on the cake, one less thing we had to deal with! Thank you John for being such a big help with everything, our wedding was amazing and we owe it all to you :) Mr and Mrs Garrett.

8/17/2012 2:25PM

Juan & Yvette Gomez

John, our wedding on June 23, 2012 was such an amazing night to remember and I can't thank you enough for being SOO great at what you do!! You made sure the whole night went smoothly and without a hitch, and kept the party going even when the night came to an end. We had so many compliments about how spectacular the night was!! Before the ceremony even started I was ready to party. That just goes to show how excellent you and your crew are at what you do. If you want an amazing DJ that knows how to make your wedding or event a perfect memory to last a lifetime DJ by CJ is the way to go. They know how to party, entertain, and keep the music pumping all night long even into the morning. You'll have the time of your life for sure. Ill definitely be booking them for future events :) Thanks for everything DJ by CJ!!

7/11/2012 2:21PM

Jeremy Fulford

The services at my wedding by DJ Dewey Campbell was great! I do not think the wedding would have gone as smooth as it did without him. He made us feel much more confident in how our wedding was going to be.

7/2/2012 4:27PM

Dan & Betsy Daugette

John, you are a trooper! Dan & I had so many music ideas that we bombarded you with song choices. You & your team are true professionals & know how to work it! We got SOOO many compliments on your awesomeness! Your smiling face & constant enthusiasm made our wedding night beyond over-the-top! Thanks DJ by CJ! Betsy & Dan Daugette.

6/4/2012 8:43PM

John & Brittany Craig

Thank you so much, John, for helping to make our wedding the best night of our lives! You kept the energy up the entire time and we had so much fun!! The wedding was a month ago, but our guests are still talking about you! Thanks again for making everything so special! You rock!!

6/1/2012 6:00PM

Tami Orr

Only hire this DJ if you want the BEST PARTY OF YOUR LIFE!!!!! John---you are AMAZING!!!!! I can't tell you how many of our guests sought me out at my daughter's reception this past weekend to tell me how AWESOME you were! You were PERFECT! You were able keep everything running smoothly while ensuring that everyone had a great time! You are an incredible entertainer!

5/16/2012 11:30AM

Texas Cattle Company Catering

Wow - I cannot begin to say how awesome John and Noriel were at our event! From the beginning stages of booking the event, to day of, John was a pleasure to work with. DJ by CJ Rocked the house and made our event a huge success. Whenever a client needs a DJ - I will insist they use John. THANKS GUYS!

4/22/2012 1:02PM

Amanda and Nick Garet

Our wedding was amazing! John was awesome and kept the party going the entire night. I can honestly say that there wasn't a dull moment that night. Our friends and family loved the dollar dance and the YMCA costumes. We will for sure recomment DJ by CJ to EVERYONE. Hands down the best DJ service in town. Thanks again John for making our night amazing!

4/18/2012 1:28PM

Mike And Heather Zaccaro

I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH!!! DJ by CJ was amazing! Yall made our night run so smoothly!! I know as the bride everything seemed to be so crazy but John kept everyone in line! :) ALSO I STRONGLY SUGGEST up lighting!!! When John called me with this idea I was super EXCITED!!! SOOO PRETTY and it added so much to the big room we had!! :D THANK YOU and I will reccomend yall to everyone!! I believe my cousin booked with you also!! :) Cant wait to see you again!!! Thank you for everything!!

4/10/2012 5:00PM

Robert and Martha Schwab

We have nothing but great things to say about John and DJ by CJ! As soon as we talked with John about being the DJ for our wedding we knew he was going to do an amazing job. And he did! He was very energetic and everyone had a great time on the dance floor. He did an awesome job working with the timing of our wedding reception and was very accommodating and kept the flow going smoothly even when we had to switch a few things around last minute. The night went so well and our guests keep telling us how much fun they had and what a great DJ John was! We definitely recommend John and his team!! Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding everything we wanted and more!

4/9/2012 3:00PM

Danielle Robinson

Thank you so much John for doing an AMAZING job at our wedding. Choosing the perfect DJ for our wedding was the most important thing to me and I couldn't be happier with DJ by CJ. The entire night went smoothly and you guys kept the party going perfectly all night! John's energy and personality added so much to the night. I can't thank you enough for making my wedding PERFECT!

4/3/2012 10:00AM

Amanda Patino

I knew DJ by CJ was a good choice since they were on the preferred vendor list for The Florida Aquarium. What I didn't know is how smooth everything would go having Brian Black DJ my wedding! Brian downloaded ALL of the music I suggested (a lot that he didn't already have), and kept the night on track! He was friendly, professional, and listened to what I wanted. Thank you for helping make my night so memorable Brian!

4/1/2012 5:30PM

Barbara Chiariello

Dewey did such a great job. He met every request that we had in music. During the cocktail and dinner time we asked for the Ratpack style of music. It was enjoyable and we were able to carry on conversations but enjoy the background music. I would highly recommend!

3/14/2012 1:37PM

Jenna and Doug Bergwall

A big thanks to John and his assistant for making our wedding a big success. Not only was it memorable but our entire family and friends said our DJ made the wedding eventful and a really fun time. From the ceremony music to the last dance of the night everything flowed perfectly! Thanks again for making our wedding night everything we dreamed of!!!

2/12/2012 2:32PM

Reba Williams

OMG I love Brian. He is the most entertaining and engaging DJ I have ever met. The thing that amazes me is he actually pays attention to the crowd and adjusts what he plays by our reaction. If need be, he joins right in and shows us the moves. We have used Brian twice and have been at other parties where he struts his stuff and NEVER have we been disappointed. It has become a yearly custom. People are already making plans for next year so they won't miss him. Brian, you rock!!!!

2/9/2012 12:56PM

Jorge & Lisa Mercado

John and his assistant Noriel were phenomenal. They kept the party going all night long, and there was never much time for people to sit down because we just were having so much fun. From the music, lights, videos, our slide show and tributes...I would do it all over again with DJ by CJ. Everything was smooth! John you guys are awesome! Thank you for making our wedding so memorable!!!

1/16/2012 8:23AM

Caleb & Gina Sternberg

We can't thank John and his team enough for the OUTSTANDING job they did at our wedding ceremony and reception. Everything went smooth and flawlessly, we wouldnt have changed a thing. We were very impressed with John and his professionalism and enthusiasm. We could see that he truly enjoys his work. We suggest taking any of his song recommendations because they rocked! John did an excellent job reading the crowd and keeping the right mood/pace. We HIGHLY recommend him and his team!

1/5/2012 2:20PM

Tom & Shemi Panaggio

John is a true professional. Even with an amazing wedding planner I don't think things would have gone as smoothly without John. Him and his team have done this time and time again and have it choreographed down to the minute. He even came over to ask if he should tell the caterer to speed up because they were taking too long and it would cut into our dance time. We really appreciated the attention to detail and our dance floor was packed all night. We used him for our ceremony as well and many guest commented on the wonderful music choices which HE recommended. Will definitely refer him to anyone getting married or even needing a DJ for any other event. Thanks so much John!

11/29/2011 1:33PM

Kayla & Jacob Maiden

Brian Black… That's all we have to say. He made the one day of our lives more memorable than we could imagine. Starting from organizing special dances to switching who's putting the garter on who, every moment flowed smoothly and never skipped a beat. If we were to repeat our day or have a special occassion in the future we would whole heartly pick Brian to celebrate that moment with us.

11/6/2011 7:56PM

Tyler & Beth Nelson

AMAZING!! We met John at a friend's wedding and just knew we had to have him as the DJ for our wedding! We were just so impressed with his take-charge style since we weren't going to have a wedding coordinator. When we met with him, he was open to our ideas and had a few suggestions of his own that he contributed to make our reception even better! He handled the flow of the ceremony to the cocktail hour to the reception. He adjusted to any changes needed during the night and took charge of everything! He was funny and professional! All of our guests commented on how awesome of a DJ he was and how much fun they had at our reception. Thank you for being the DJ at our wedding, we couldn't have done it so smoothly without you. You are truly the best in your business!

11/2/2011 9:26AM

Kimberly Tucker

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!! John and his other D.J. Noriel are not just D.J.'s they are there for you for everything to make the night flow perfectly. I hope we get the chance to use them again because they are so nice and such a blast. I think my wedding was party of the century and will be talked about years to come because I chose DJ by CJ. Thanks so much John you are the best there is!

10/18/2011 4:30PM

Jeremy and Nichole Johns

When we met with John Strandberg to discuss our wedding plans, he really listened to what we wanted and found ways to make our ideas even better. He seamlessly accommodated our guest's requests and maintained a high level of professionalism the entire time. He made our wedding experience more personal and kept our reception on the exact timeline we had discussed during the planning process . Whatever we asked for, John delivered and we couldn't have asked for more. He was the unsung hero from our wedding and a real pleasure to work with. We could not have asked for more. Thank you for everything John!

9/26/2011 7:30PM

Travis and Julie Meyers

DJ by CJ was great at our wedding! He did an excellent job in helping us pick out some non-traditional, but classy music for the ceramony. So many people commented on the ceramony music! During the reception, we had quite a few last minute changes and John just rolled with the punches. He was fun and professional, and all the guests enjoyed the music. The guests especially loved the music videos!

9/21/2011 3:05PM

James and Mallory Register

Everyone told me that having a good DJ for your wedding is a must. So after some recommendations, we went with DJ by CJ and couldn't have made a better decision. He was awesome and kept the flow perfect. We even got compliments from our guests about how the DJ was awesome. Thanks John for making our day that much more special.

9/8/2011 2:08PM

Maneka (Premraj) Hurt

Brian did an amazing job! Our families are very diverse and he was able to read the crowd. He kept every thing on time and made sure the wedding went smoothly. The music was a really important part of the night for us and Brian made sure everyone had a great time. I had no worries the whole night! absolutely fantastic!

9/5/2011 2:27PM

Doug & Lynn Diebold

For ANYONE looking for the BEST in DJ services EVER, and If you want your event to be the talk of everyone in town you are in for MORE THAN YOU EVER IMAGINED!!!! We booked John to be our DJ on our special wedding day and we never could imagine the excitement we were about to experience!!!! Not only did John provide everything he promised but he took us through an experience that we could never imagine. His services go not only above and beyond what we ever imagined possible, but he took us through a night of EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCE and THRILL. We have been to many parties and get togethers, but have NEVER heard or seen anyone who could even begin to be this good! John and his crew gave us memories we will never be able to forget. Our wedding has been the talk of everyone we know and word is spreading FAST! If you are in need of DJ services, you better move quick because his schedule will be filling up fast after all of our wedding guests book their special events with John and his crew. No questions unanswered and all your wildest expectations will be more than fulfilled. I will not suggest you use DJ by CJ...I WILL TELL YOU if you want your occasion to be THE TALK OF THE TOWN...Book DJ by CJ for your next event!!! We could not have been more PLEASED!!!!

8/1/2011 9:45AM

Scott & Vanessa Tunnell

Thank you John for making our wedding such a memorable and fun experience, it is amazing to me that every single person that attended our wedding commented on how fun and upbeat it was, everyone from young to old enjoyed themselves and you did exactly what you told me you would do, which was handle everything so that I wouldn't have to worry about anything. Thank you again for your work and dedication to our event like it was your first and last.

7/30/2011 4:45PM

Corey and Michelle Ferguson

DJ by CJ was amazing at our wedding this last July! Everyone who attended our event was very impressed by how he was able to read the crowd and play the right song to keep the energy level up. Also, John was more than a DJ, he was a MC. He coordinated with the venue when all the events were to take place from the wedding party entrance, first dance, dinner service, cake cutting, to the last dance. We absolutely loved you at our Wedding! Thanks!

7/25/2011 9:39AM

Karen Koster

John, thank you again for making our party THE BEST! We had a blast and you made the night!!!

7/23/2011 9:00AM

Helaine G

Dewey has always been awesome! He's dependable and knows how to get the party started. Very professional and organized. His sound system is the best there is. Plays the best preferred requested tunes. You'd be hard pressed to find another dj like 'Dewey'.

7/20/2011 1:00PM

Josh and Kendelle Jimenez

John, Thank you for DJ'ing our wedding. Your experience and ideas helped make our special night the most amazing time of our lives. I am so glad we were able to book you for our wedding. It wouldn't have been the same without you.

6/16/2011 8:43PM

Kennedy's Sweet 16

The Sweet 16 turned out perfect. When planning for teenagers you never know how it will turn-out to make everyone happy but, with DJ by CJ they took care of keeping everyone happy. The dance floor was packed all night. Thanks for helping to make this a night to remember and for all the special memories!

6/2/2011 10:25PM

Whitney and Tom LaMaida

John made our wedding day absolutely PERFECT! He helped to coordinate every aspect of our wedding from introductions to cutting the cake. All our our guests had an amazing time...the dance floor was packed the entire night. John is very talented, professional and easy to work with in all aspects of planning a wedding. We are so grateful for all of his hard work. Thank you so much for being part of our special day and for helping us to make so many special memories! You are the best!!!

5/1/2011 6:10PM

Craig and Robyn DuFrane

John, Craig and I want to thank you so much for making our wedding amazing!!! You made everything so easy from picking the songs to the coordinating all the events!!! You blew my wedding coordinator out of the water! The music was awesome. The dance floor was so packed ALL night! Your service was awesome and I would recommend DJ by CJ to everyone! I had so many people at and after the wedding tell me that you were amazing! Thank you for making our wedding a blast! You are by far the best DJ!

4/12/2011 8:46 AM

Carol and Russell Satterfield

John, Russell and I want to thank you for playing great music, providing fabulous, "one of a kind" entertainment and for having such a great personality! All my guests kept saying that they had never seen a setup like yours before, EVER! We all had a blast! You kept everyone moving! The jamaicain Love dance skit was the funniest thing ever! Thank you for everything! You are a great DJ, and through the planning you proved to be a great friend!

~Carol and Russell

2/25/2011 9:45 AM

Kelvin and Morgann Mathis

DJ by CJ was fantastic! He was very informative and had great ideas about the reception. He knew our venue and could help run the wedding details. It was great and I can't imagine our reception with anyone else! He kept the dancing going throughout the night, even got Grandma out there dancing! We would recommend DJ by CJ to anyone in need of a DJ! Thanks again :)

12/9/2010 7:44 PM

Jenny & Adam Carle

Hands down, John is THE BEST DJ out there! I've known him for a while because I'm an event planner and therefore, have worked with many DJs. However, no one compares to John. He is super friendly, professional, extremely organized, and most importantly knows how to keep the party alive! John is committed to making sure your wedding/event is flawless. He takes the stress and worries out of your hands so that you can relax and enjoy your special day! Our guests had such a wonderful time at our wedding, thanks to John! John also coordinated the music for our beach ceremony which worked out beautifully. He's got a ton of experience and a true talent as a DJ! I highly recommend John for any special occasion you may have. He works well with all ages and trust me as an experienced event planner, there's no better DJ out there! Thank you, John, for making our wedding so very special! We cannot wait to relive it once we receive our wedding dvd!

11/30/2010 10:15 PM

Stacy & Bobby Allison

John made our wedding day absolutely flawless! John was very professional and super easy to work with. Prior to our event, he got back with me via email/phone call right away. John also went above and beyond answering my father‚s daily questions/concerns prior to our big day too!! Our ceremony music was non-traditional and John catered to our style and gave us the ceremony we wanted. Our reception was a blast and our guests, to this day, still talk about how much fun they had at our wedding. John definitely kept the party going and we can't say enough good things about John and his staff! Thank you John for making our wedding celebration a night we will never forget!

11/16/2010 4:11 PM

Earl and India Lofton

John (DJ by CJ) is undisputibley the best DJ in the Bay Area. He and his staff are very professional. From our very first meeting with John to our wedding day he provided outstanding service. He was so good that many didn't want to leave the dance floor at the end of the night. We had many inquiries for our DJ's name and number. Thanks John for making our wedding unforgettable!

11/9/2010 9:45 PM

Steven and Juanita Smith

The service at our wedding was phenomenal. Once we met with John, and he explained to us his vision for our wedding, I knew he was the right person to perform at our wedding ceremony. John went thru every detail, from the time the guest started to arrive until the time they left. I felt like, not only did we have a DJ but a event planner as well, who was going to make sure everything was perfect.. And perfection is just what John delivered. Thanks again John for making our wedding so extraordinary.

10/15/2010 9:22 AM

Jonathan and Jeane

Having John do our wedding was the best choice we could have made. He was entertaining and VERY professional. He took the time to meet with us before the wedding to make sure that all of our needs were met and to tell us how he operates. I attended a previous wedding that he did and it was amazing how he took control and made it fun. I have never seen a DJ like him. He made my wedding memorable. People are still taking about how nice it was. DJ by CJ will always be my first choice in my book. Thank you John for making Jonathan and I wedding (8-21-2010) so special :)

Yours Truly,
Jonathan and Jeane' Cochran

10/11/2010 1:30 PM

Lauren Crowe

I feel so lucky to have found John at DJ by CJ. He really made my wedding run smoothly and made everyone have fun. I think the most important thing I noticed about John was his passion for music, he really cares about what he does. Experience is also important and John has a lot of it, and it shows. You know things are in good hands when your guests are leaving and they say, wow, the wedding was beautiful, but who was your DJ? He was awesome!! I will recommend John at DJ by CJ whenever given the opportunity. He added a special touch to my special night. Thanks again guys:) Lauren Crowe

9/14/2010 11:23 AM

Robert and Shelley Ellis

DJ by CJ (John) was so great at my 50th birthday party. He got the party started and kept it going. I would highly recommend him to all my friends and family. Everyone had a Blast!!! Thanks for making my 50th the best ever!

8/26/2010 2:38 PM

AJ and Jenny Kime

DJ by CJ (John) did a great job at our wedding. We had no doubts there would be any problems after meeting with him prior to our wedding. He is very organized and knows what he is doing. He keeps the party running and basically coordinates the entire wedding reception with ease. Thanks DJ by CJ for a memorable wedding, we will never forget:)

7/13/2010 11:22 PM

Deanna and Cole Dickenson

Thank you so much for doing such an AWESOME job at our wedding! We absolutely love to dance, as do our friends, and you made everyone have a good time! You had a lot of great ideas regarding our wedding music and we are so glad that you were there to help! You came up with things we never would have thought of! You were awesome and we truly appreciate you providing the music at our wedding! It turned out perfect! We had a blast! Thanks again!

6/23/2010 8:24 PM

Casey and Dan Register

Everything on our wedding day turned out perfect even better than we could have imagined. John worked with me and helped me design my unique walk down the aisle. He also collaborated with the venue and photographer to make sure everything was seamless. I was especially pleased with his ability to make small changes as situations arose because of time constraints. John is very with it for a lack of better terms and it showed within every aspect of the ceremony and reception. I would recommend him and definitely use him again. Not only did my husband and I LOVE everything our guests immediately said this was one of the best weddings they had been to.

PS If you love to dance, John has the ability to get your guests out on the dance floor and dance the night away! Thanks John! = )

6/17/2010 3:31 PM

Holly Tomlin

What a wonderful job you did for the Tampa General Hospital Annual Gala on Saturday. I have been getting messages and emails all day about the music and ambiance that you created to make the evening such a success. You knew exactly what to play at the right times to get the guests out on the dance floor. You created a memorable event for the Committee, the staff at Tampa General and the many guests that arrived at the Hyatt. I am certain that based on the fun we had this year, they will be back to celebrate again next year. Thank you again so very much for all that you did. You came highly recommended by others and I have enjoyed other events you have done in the Tampa community. You are very good at what you do. Holly Tomlin - Co-Chair of Moments in Time Gala for Tampa General Hospital

5/11/2010 12:20 AM

Jason & Michelle Sands

John was AWESOME at our wedding (4/3/10). I was so nervous when my day was getting close and especially on the day of the wedding. I HAD NO WORRIES WITH JOHN!! Great music, great people and he did a fabulous job with directing us to make the night seamless and stress free. I want to say a big THANK YOU for finding the song for my son (Henry VIII by Herman's Hermits), it was so special for my family! I will definitely recommend DJ by CJ to all my friends and family. I never knew the importance of having a strong DJ until my actual wedding and could not have been happier with John. The way he does the announcing at the start of the reception of the bridal party was hilarious, he makes you feel like a celebrity!!!! Thanks for making a memorable ceremony, reception and night!!!

5/3/2010 2:00 PM

Eric & Andrea Swilley

The service we recieved was spectacular! They were professional, accountable, organized, timely and friendly. The DJ can make or break your wedding reception and I will assure you that they will make your recepetion unforgetable.

4/10/2010 9:38 AM

Danny and Ashley Lively

Thanks for the AMAZING job at our wedding!! You kept the party going all night long and truly made our wedding a night to remember! So professional, on time, and on point for EVERYTHING! The entire wedding ran smooth, and you even went above and beyond when asked to add or change things on the spot!! We cannot thank you enough! Our wedding would not have been what it was without you! We will definitely continue to use you for any DJ event in the future! Thanks again John for making our wedding night a magical night!!!!

4/3/2010 9:26 AM

Dan "Snick Dawg" Sienicki

The SOCCENT Formal was both a challenging and demanding event that went off with outstanding success. John and Noriel were very professional. They showed great flexibility with their schedule from meeting up with me on a Saturday to look over the site so we could create a sound plan of action to being able to practice the day before the event. We always had a great line of communication going which made it possible to work through last minute obstacles that popped up from changes to required/requested music to the changes for floor plan setup to John utilizing his snare drum to give the ceremonial part of the SOCCENT formal a deeper meaning. DJ by CJ definitely blew the roof off the Trade Wind's Pavilion and had the party jumping with a fully packed dance floor from start to finish. The variety of music was awesome. I highly recommend DJ by CJ to anyone who wants their event to be an event to remember. John and Noriel, both the SOCCENT command and I would like to thank you both for making our SOCCENT formal an awesomely outstanding event; you are true professionals, and thank you for going above and beyond to create success.

3/2/2010 12:28 PM

Chris and Brooke Meyer

We had been to about 3-4 weddings while planning our wedding. We noticed how important having a good DJ was. We could tell which DJ\'s were no good. We looked into our options for our wedding. When I talked to John, I knew right then, he was the guy we were going with. A complete and total professional. We couldn\'t have asked for a better person with helping/planning the entertainment part of the wedding! Hands down, DJ by CJ, was the best option for our wedding. I am glad that we picked John for our wedding. Friends of ours that came to our wedding whose weddings we had attended said to us that our DJ was awesome and how they wished that had used him. Thanks so much!

1/22/2010 7:42 PM

Matthew and Austin Dodd

DJ by CJ was awesome. They made my wedding so stress free they worked with all the other vendors and we didn’t\'t worry about a thing. We both got so many compliments about how great the music was and how entertaining our DJ was. He has great ideas and is willing to work with you on whatever you want for your wedding music and he even has music videos to go with. My little sister is getting married in March of 2011 and he will definitely be her DJ. Thank you so much John you made our wedding perfect you ROCK!!!!!!!

1/09/2010 11:47 AM

Elizabeth Chastain

Thanks so much for DJing my wedding! Everyone raved about how awesome you guys were. You were so much fun and had the guests dancing all night long. I had a couple of guests who were recently married tell me they wished they had you guys as their DJs because you were so much better than theirs. I would also like to say that the ‘Jamaican Love Dance’ is a must do to your other brides because it was too funny! Thanks again for everything!!!

12/28/2009 1:27 PM

Kenny and Mandy Frissell

At the beginning of our planning, we were overwhelmed and asking opinions of everyone we knew when it came to vendors. One night we ran into someone that suggested using DJ by CJ and that we wouldn't have to worry about a thing! I called him the next day, and I can honestly say that it was stress free after that minute. He walked me through everything I needed and made sure I had everything to make the night wonderful! When we had our final meeting, he was extremely professional, but also tried to make sure that the wedding night would be personal and fun for Kenny and I. The wedding night came, and I knew the music would be great, but I had no idea how perfect it would be! Our friends loved it, and some even asked for the all the songs that he was playing. The best part was, he had everyone dancing - from 2 year olds to my grandparents. It was a wonderful experience and I would recommend DJ by CJ for anyone planning a wedding or any other event!! Thank you DJ by CJ! It was a great night that we will never forget!!

12/08/2009 11:02 AM

Eric and Tiffany Dorsey

When we began the wedding planning process, we knew that choosing a DJ would be one of the more important decisions we would make. Fortunately, I had recently attended 2 weddings that John had worked. They were both so much fun that I knew he would be a good fit for us! We wanted our reception entertainment to be uniquely ours, and John made that happen. When we met for our pre-wedding consult, John was very receptive to our desires and energetically added many ideas of his own. Together, we came up with our ideal plan for the night, and I left confident that it would be perfect. It turns out I was right! On our wedding night, he played a fusion of salsa, country line dancing, slow dances, and all the fun, party music we wanted to hear and MORE! John is so easy-going yet professional and a natural on the microphone - he and his partner kept the dance floor packed all night. They were also flexible... We had initially planned to show a picture slide show that my dad had prepared after dinner before the dancing, but when John noticed how long it was on the night of, he approached Eric and I about possibly starting it DURING dinner. We eagerly agreed, as we didn't want to miss out on too much dancing time. It worked well, and we were thankful that John even thought to make that last minute change in our best interest. Thank you, DJbyCJ... You made it easy for everyone to have an awesome time on our special night!

11/30/2009 2:35 PM

Kathy & Garrett Norman

We were referred to John by our photographer who had taken pictures for weddings where he was djing. When we called John, he sounded professional and really knew what he was talking about. Even when we met with John he made us feel very comfortable and we clicked right away. We knew that we had made the right choose and were extremely excited to see how he did at the wedding/reception. Well, DJ by CJ most definitely didn't let us down. John and his sidekick were absolutely awesome. They kept the party going and played the perfect music to fit our style. Thank you for making our reception an awesome one. I will continue to refer you to others.

11/30/2009 2:35 PM

Wendee & Andrew Pomp

Speaking with John for the first time on the phone I knew I was making an excellent choice for a dj! His professional demeanor, excitement and passion for his job really set the stage for what was going to be presented on our wedding day! After seeing Dj by Cj at one of my good friend's weddings two weeks prior to my own, I was ecstatic.He was by far the best dj I had ever seen perform at a wedding, so I knew once again I had made the best choice with my dj. A dj can either make or break a reception or party, well in my case Dj by Cj MADE IT! After meeting with John in regards to all the wedding details I felt so excited and at ease. I knew he would do a wonderful job!! My husband and I love doing unique and different things to set ourselves apart from everyone else's ideas. Well John definitely helped encourage us to do this, and we had a different song for each couple introduced during the introduction of the wedding party. This added a lot of fun and excitement to the beginning of the reception, and it really helped set the tone and mood of how fun the actual night would be. My husband and I did a voiceover which John was eager to play for our entrance.Thank you John for encouraging us to do something different and unique; it was definitely a big hit!!! The whole night was amazing and Dj by Cj absolutely made the reception. I was on the dance floor most of the night, along with more than half the guests. I have never seen so many people out on a dance floor dancing at a wedding and fully enjoying themselves like I did that night. Thank you to Dj by Cj for going above and beyond my expectations as well as my husband Andrew's. You made our wedding day the Best and Happiest Day of our life!! I cannot wait to recommend Dj by Cj to any and all of my friends or family that may have a big event or wedding coming up in the future! You guys rock! Thank you again!!!

10/29/2009 2:14 PM

Tara and Richard Jones

Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job of DJing our Wedding!! Everything went so smoothly!! And it was a blast! You had everyone on the Dance floor the whole night!! It was awesome! Thanks so much!!

10/28/2009 4:00 PM

Lauren & James Holland

I knew the first time I spoke with John over the phone that he was the one to choose for our wedding. He was the first and only Dj I spoke with. He has a real genuine passion for what he does, he is not just a Dj but also a experienced musician who puts a lot of love into his work. We did not have a lot of time to prepare for our wedding due to some unusual circumstances, but John made sure every special moment happened and was on point with all the details. John and his team have both personality and professionalism, they added some elements of surprise and were very in tune with the crowd. John interacted with all of our family and friends and made the night run so smooth eventhough we were under a bit of a time constraint. Dj by Cj completely exceeded my expectations and I will recommend them whenever given the chance. My wedding was an unforgettable experience for a lot of reasons:) but I am glad that Dj by Cj was one of them. You know you made a good decision at the end of the night when all of your guests say your wedding was beautiful, but whoever your Dj was, he was great!

9/28/2009 12:24 PM

Larry and Fran Phelps

We cannot express how fantastic it was to have DJ by CJ at our wedding and reception. The lights, music, and entertainment couldn't have been any better. Fran and I highly recommend DJ by CJ and would rate their work well above 5 star level. If we ever need a DJ in the future, DJ by CJ will be the ONLY one we call!! Organizing the photographer, catering, music, and wedding ceremony to come together that night was stressful, but John took control and made the entire evening a huge success. We will be forever grateful to DJ by CJ!! Thank you John!!!!!


Jose and Katie Rincůn

Music, lights, and dancing are the must-have ingredients to make a party unforgettable. DJ by CJ brings that to the event, and much more.
Our wedding was a fusion of cultures. The groom was born and raised in Colombia. The bride is 100% Tampanian -That made Johnís work a little bit more complicated. We wanted to please both sides of our families, and John did just that.
As you know if you are reading this, wedding planning is very stressful. There are so many things you have to put together and sometimes the vendors do not help out at all. That was not the case with John and his staff. The groom wanted the dance floor to be full at all times. Music and dancing are a vital part of the Latin Culture. On the other side the bride had her hand-picked list of songs to be used before, during and after the ceremony plus more. John was able to fulfill all of our requests and deal with our stress with a smile at all time.
I, the groom, do not give into adding something else to my order to easily. When John suggested having the large screen I was hesitate, but I agreed to. IT WAS AMAZINGÖ.. We highly recommend it.
We can not express how happy we are with Johnís work. After working with him at our wedding, it is going to be a no-brainer to pick the DJ for any event we plan in the future.
Thank you John!


Darlene & Kevin Calhoun

We can't come up with the words to adequately describe DJ by CJ. AMAZING, EXCEPTIONAL, FABULOUS, FANTASTIC, INCREDIBLE!!! They were professional from the very beginning and coordinated everything with the hotel staff so we didn't have to worry at all. Their set us was incredible and to date, our guests continue to talk about it and say they are the best DJ's they've seen in a long time. They kept the dance floor packed all night long and everyone wanted to know if we could do it again the following weekend because they had such a great time. One of our parents was unable to make it to the wedding due to illness, and John made their presence known by acknowledging them like they were there to celebrate with us. Thank you so much for making the best day of our lives that much more special. We recommend them for ANY event.

Thanks John. We hope to work with you again in the future--we may need to get married again LOL!


Jeff and Lisa Dinneny

Our wedding reception went absolutely PERFECT thanks to DJ by CJ. They kept the guests dancing all night and played every special request by the guests. We have received many compliments about our DJ and we cannot say thank you enough to John. His hard work and dedication throughout our entire wedding reception will never be forgotten. His outgoing personality made the guests feel comfortable and ready to party. We are so happy that we chose to use DJ by CJ. They were outstanding!!


Brad and Ashley Sundeck

AMAZING!!!!That is the best word that i can come up with about these guys.Even though they deserve a word better than that.Our wedding was about a month ago and everyone is still talking about it. They really made the party!! They made everything a lot easier for us on our big day.We had to worrie about nothing!


Cindy & Joseph DiBartolomeo

John and Noriel were amazing!! John took charge and made sure everything ran as smooth as possible for our wedding. He's fun, outgoing and made our wedding spectacular. I definatly recommend DJ by CJ for any occasion. Thanks DJ by CJ for everything!!!


David and Laura Byington

As successful as the wedding and reception turned out all the guest continue to praise our DJ. He was phenomenal. All his equipment is new and state of the art. His big screen Plasma Tv was a great addition to the reception. The genre of music fit exactly what we were looking for. I have never seen a wedding reception where every guest


Mike and Michele Swartz

Perfect is the one word to describe John and DJ by CJ. We had so much fun at our wedding reception and we owe it all to John. His setup was amazing and he was truly a pleasure to work with. John we have already started passing out your name and phone number.


Ashley and Brent Newsome

We tried to think of one word or a couple words to describe DJ by CJ but it was impossible. The first words that comes to mind is life saver. Two days before our wedding, our original DJ quit and now we thank God everyday that he did. DJ by CJ stepped in two days before our wedding and took care of everything with ease and compassion.


Scott and Jennifer Shaner

John and Noriel are such a pleasure to work with. John has amazing ideas how to keep your guests on the dance floor and having a great time. I have NEVER seen my father dance and he danced the entire night. Everyone said they had the greatest time. When John (the DJ) noticed a lull, he had this game/dance thing planned and it was the most hilarious thing I have ever seen (ask about the Jamaican love dance if you decide to book him). He set up on the beach so we could have ceremony music and then had a set up in our reception room. He showed up very early to get everything ready. He is very organized, and has all the days music ready in the order they should be played. He announced everyone's name perfectly. He played all of our songs on our must play list and he was amazing! He even made sure we had champagne in our glasses for our toast. He also made sure there was a plate at the cake table for our cake cutting. He did so wonderfully! We felt like celebrities. Great job!


Crystal and Kyle Van Arsdall

John and Noriel were the backbone to our amazing wedding at The Palmetto Club at FishHawk Ranch. They worked professionally with our other vendors and demonstrated great communication with each other to help the ceremony and reception run smoothly. They were well prepared, organized and in good spirits the entire night. Our introductions were a bit difficult and crazy but John took on the challenge and they turned out amazing! He made light of our best man's interesting toast and knew when to change the music to keep everyone dancing all night long. John is not only a DJ, but a wedding consultant, entertainer and life saver! I highly recommend his services!


Dustin and Sarah Vaughn

John and Sandy Roman provided phenomenal DJ'ing services for our wedding! They kept everything organized, timely, and most importantly, everyone dancing during the reception! Sandy timed the ceremony perfectly and John did a great job singing! Most guests thought it was a CD! Overall I would recommend DJ by CJ to anyone planning an event. They are friendly, helpful, professional, and want to give you the best entertainment possible. Thank you so much for everything and for making our wedding an event to remember by all who attended!


Jordin Sparks

John, Thank you so much for donating your time and DJ'ing our charity super bowl event. It wouldn't have been the same without you and we really appreciate it! I had a blast...and I think everyone else did too! Take care!


Mallorie and Michael Johnson

John made our wedding reception perfect! After a very stressful day (and somewhat flawed ceremony), we started our reception at the Florida Aquarium with John as our DJ. From the moment John met us to double check names for the Intro, everything fell right into place! He even privatedly gave the best man a hard time for chickening out on the toast (Thank you so much for that, I wanted someone to tease him about not giving a toast!). He made our night! Our Intro was wonderful and exciting, our first dances ran smoothly, and John did everything I asked for and more! I really cannot say enough about how awesome he was! When I was planning this very special day, I had no idea how important the DJ was. I had another DJ I was debating about, when I heard about DJ by CJ. DJ by CJ was a little more expensive, but every one at the aquarium told me he was great so I decided to pay a little more, and I'm so glad I did! I will reccommend DJ by CJ to any person I know or meet having a wedding or any other function that requires a DJ. The guests commented on how great all of the musical selection were. Everyone had a great time. John was thoughtful and calming. He even calmed my stressed mother! He helped her set up her slideshow. He took the time to thank us and make us feel special. Everything was awesome! Thank you so so so much for making my special day absolutly perfect!


Kris & Kelly Pelow

We wanted to thank John and Noriel for an amazing night at our wedding! Before dinner was even finished, we were told by a couple family members that the music was amazing, and then when the dancing began EVERYONE was up. We were looking at our pictures and noticed that no one was sitting! That tells you right there what a great reception we had! John was right on cue with the ceremony music on the beach too. Overall it was amazing reception where everyone is still talking about how much fun they had! Thanks again for the great night and we will always remember it


Danielle and Rob Sanchez

We could not have had any better of a wedding reception without John! He made it exceptional. Not only do you and your guests have fun, but so does John. He gets involved with your guests and keeps the party going. We were suppose to end at 10:30, but because everyone was dancing we went another hour! John also did my sister's wedding - without him our weddings wouldn't have been a blast and people still wouldn't be talking about them. Thanks to John, we have a wonderful memory of our wedding!


Melissa & Chris Salicco

Thank you John and Noriel for making our reception so wonderful! We had the best time and we know all our guests had a great time too. I don't think there was a single moment that people weren't on the dance floor! You were so easy to work with from the beginning, and we liked that you didn't have every song you were going to play scripted out beforehand. You kept things flowing smoothly and made sure everything was on schedule. John, thanks for letting Chris steal your microphone to sing a couple songs...I think it made his night! We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know who is looking for a DJ. You're awesome at what you do! Thank you so much for everything!


Christina & Eric Mousseau

We just wanted to thank John and Noriel for keeping the entire reception running smoothly. We had an awesome time and all of our family and friends have said it was the best wedding they had been to. Everyone danced until the end of the night and we couldn't have asked for anything more. Thank you again for making our wedding night worry free and very memorable.


Marissa & Jordan Maiden

Thank you John & Noriel!! Our Wedding/Reception was amazing. Now that we are back and have had a chance to look at the video, our ceremony/reception could not have gone so smoothly if is wasn't for you. John, you made sure we were all on cue. The music for the cermony was beautiful; you helped us go beyond traditional and we loved that. During the reception you had us organized from the introduction of the wedding party to the end for our good-byes. Thank you again to John and Noriel - The BEST DJ ever!!


Kristine & Ryan Regan

What great fun we had with DJ by CJ, the music never stopped, and we partied until 1 am.....not to mention John & Noriel are pretty easy on the eyes too!! Everyone has commented that our wedding was the most beautiful wedding they had ever been to. And thankyou to John for changing our father daughter dance song at the last minute, I know that it meant alot to my dad to dance to that song! THANKYOU for making our night so very special! John & Noreil are the best!


Bobby & Kacy Sparkman

We are so thankful for DJ by CJ! They did a professional job and kept everything rolling, from the toast and cake cutting to the boquet and garter toss. John checked in with us throughout the night to make sure everything was rolling like it should be. The ceremony was almost cancelled on the beach, but at the last minute it quit raining. John already had his equipment set up and music playing when the guests walked out on the beach! Both DJ's had great, enthusiastic personalities and made our wedding reception an unforgettable one. Thank you DJ by CJ for doing such a professional job!

8/20/2009 9:57 AM